Do You Need That Validation? Let Me Call You Back About It

By Tobias Pfeiffer @pragtob

Rails apps start nice and cute. Fast forward a year and business logic and view logic are entangled in our validations and callbacks - getting in our way at every turn. Wasn’t this supposed to be easy?

Let’s explore different approaches to improve the situation and untangle the web.

Wonderful sketchnotes of Tobias Pfeiffers talk

Many thanks to Joy Heron for the sketchnotes!

Tobias Pfeiffer is a clean coder, Full Stack developer, Benchmarker by passion, Rubyist, Elixir fan, learner, teacher and agile crafter by passion. He organizes the Ruby User Group Berlin, maintains Shoes and benchee as well as contributing to a variety of projects while thinking about new ideas to put into code and push boundaries. He loves collaboratively creating just about anything people enjoy. Currently he’s creating wonderful web applications, most recently with Elixir and Phoenix refreshing his perspective on web applications.

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