We are offering tickets for different prices. Besides the regular bird ticket you can also choose to become a supporter (25%, 50% or even 100%). With that you help others, who have not enough money to buy a ticket themselves, to be able to attend the conference as well.

All tickets are for the whole conference (3 days, catering included). Accommodation is not part of the ticket.

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Many thanks to our diversity sponsor INNOQ and to everyone who bought a supporter ticket. You rock! <3

Not yet convinced?

There are plenty of good reasons to attend, like good food or the beautiful scenery of the Alps. No, just kidding. Of course the area around lake tegernsee is beautiful and the food will be fantastic, but we offer more than that.

Besides interesting talks and workshops the conference offers you a unique opportunity to get to know like-minded people. People who work in the same field as you do and who meet the same challenges as you every day!
The get-togethers on friday and saturday evening are a perfect place for you to exchange views about all ruby and software development related topics you are interested in.

The talks offer motivation for a variety of topics: On one hand, there is a non-tech talk about technical leadership by Betsy Haibel. On the other hand we invited technical people who contribute to Rails (Eileen Uchitelle) and to different Ruby implementations (Benoit Daloze).
You can learn from Ramón Huidobro how to use custom hardware with Rails apps and from Brittany Martin how to protect your application from trolls and bots.
Are you curious about how to improve the performance of ruby code? Or how to escape Rails' callback- and validation-hell? Then the talks by Samuel Giddins and Tobias Pfeiffer will enlighten you. And if you want to know how to improve the test suite, then Anastasia Chicu will have some insights for you.
Besides that you will hear Emily Stolfo talk about good practices for error-handling in distributed systems and Joy Heron will explain how building reusable frontend components works and why you need them.
A topic that is increasingly important as technology is used more and more to make decisions or support decision makers will be covered by Kinsey Ann Durham: How to build software without biases.

These topics will give you food for thought. You can get fresh ideas how to tackle problems with your code base or how to solve a problem. The breaks between the talks provide an opportunity to discuss your insights, learnings or questions with other conference attendees.
Not only you, but your whole team may benefit from everything you learn.

For everyone who loves hands on experiences we also offer workshops. This year's topics will be kotlin and docker.

If you are the kind of person who wants to contribute as well: There will be lightning talks! So you get a chance of telling everyone about what matters to you most.

We would be happy to welcome you at lake Tegernsee to enjoy snow and scenery besides discussing Ruby related topics in a warm and comfy atmosphere!

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