Kotlin for Rubyists: A journey

By Ivo Anjo @KnuX

When I first saw Kotlin, I couldn’t help thinking I could do the same with Ruby. But then it dawned on me: Here is language built for easily replacing Java and javascript, that is a first-class citizen in android, can even run natively…

…And this language has so much of what I love in Ruby!

Ivo Anjo is a software engineer with a passion for expressiveness, performance and concurrency; He likes going from exploring high-level techniques to write beautifully expressive code, to exploring low-level system details and how to get the most out of modern hardware.

When he started working with Ruby he quickly fell in love with its expressiveness, productivity and great community, and on his free time he enjoys contributing to open-source gems and blogging about his tech discoveries.

He's currently working as part of the Amazon Profiler team. They build tools and services to support Amazon’s engineering teams in getting the best out of their complex software architectures. As part of this work, he gets to use Ruby, Kotlin, Python and Java in new and challenging ways.

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