Teach by Learning; Lead by Teaching

By Betsy Haibel @betsythemuffin

Ever caught yourself dictating code to a junior dev, rather than pairing? Or resorted to saying “best practice”? Kill two birds with one stone: use “dialogic teaching,” an adult-education technique. Let’s turn “technical leadership” into a two-way process that surfaces tradeoffs and gets buy-in.

Wonderful sketchnotes of Betsy Haibels talk

Many thanks to Joy Heron for the sketchnotes!

Betsy Haibel is the founding CTO of Cohere. She writes fiction and nonfiction in English, Ruby, and Javascript – among other languages – and co-organizes Learn Ruby in DC. Her lifelong ambitions? To meet a red panda, and to break down barriers between “developers” and “users.”

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