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Travel & accommodation

This page contains some advice for how to reach the venue, where to stay over night, and how to get around Tegernsee. We will update this page with additional information over time.

Finding the venue

The conference venue is Seeforum Rottach-Egern. Rottach-Egern is a town located on the Southern shore of lake Tegernsee.

Finding a hotel

Tegernsee is a popular destination. We recommend to plan your trip while there are still vacancies left.

To find a hotel, try using the Tegernsee Gastgeberverzeichnis (German only) and the Tegernsee Accommodation search (English / German). They will find options you won't always see on mainstream travel sites like booking.com.

The city of Rottach-Egern has a number of hotels close to the venue. If you can't find a suitable hotel in Rottach-Egern, you might also want to check the cities in the other corners of lake Tegernsee, like Bad Wiessee (Western shore) or the city of Tegernsee (Eastern shore). Especially Bad Wiessee has a number of affordable hotels and is only 10 minutes away from the venue by car.

You might also choose to stay in Munich, which is an hour away from the venue. Finally there are a number of smaller cities between Tegernsee and Munich.

Staying on a budget

As a popular destination, staying at lake Tegernsee can be a little more costly than other parts of Bavaria. However, there are a number of affordable options.

Please see our tips for staying at Tegernsee on a budget.

Hotels reserved for conference guests

If you plan your trip early enough, you can book one of the hotel rooms we reserved for conference guests. There is a limited number of reserved rooms available until December 18th.

Traveling around Tegernsee

Public transport

The train ("BOB") will take you from Munich central station to Tegernsee station in an hour. Tegernsee station is 3 km away from the venue. You will need to cover this last mile by bus or taxi (see below).

Public buses are driving around the lake from early morning until 11 PM. Since departure frequency differs during the day, you should plan your trip on bahn.de.

Most hotels provide free tickets for public transport ("Gästekarte"). Just ask at the reception.

Conference shuttle

The conference will also provide a free shuttle bus from the venue to Saturday's snow event and back. There will also be a free shuttle from the venue to Saturday night event. Between 10 PM and 11 PM there will be two shuttles going to downtown Rottach-Egern and downtown Bad Wiessee.


There are also a number of taxi companies like Taxi Lueginger (phone 08022 18 81 89).

With a car

By car, Rottach-Egern is an hour away from downtown Munich.

There are ample parking spaces near the venue. The location for the Saturday night event also has generous parking spaces.

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